Thrill Of Practice Races America Cup

The thrill of the upcoming qualifying rounds of America’s Cup has the fans of the different teams watching out for news of possible actions.

Indeed, the venue for the finals of the 35th series is Bermuda, where the qualifying rounds would be held in May. Already four of the six participating teams were based on the venue and the race management organization is busy setting up practice races for the teams.

Oracle team of US and Artemis Racing are looking forward to practice races and so are the fans. The last edition had been thrilling with several teams coming close to damaging each other’s vessels and facing penalties and delays as a result. The current series also promises similar action this year. Even with a strict rules regime there would be stiff competition between the teams who would be putting their best efforts in foiling the plans of others. It might also help, as several teams have already sailed against each other in the previous edition.

As of January 27th Artemis Racing and Oracle Team USA have been gearing up for practice races. The race course is being set around the Great Sound region of Bermuda. Even second time participant team, Softbank Team of Japan is thrilled with the prospect of practice races coming up. This is also needed as May would see the qualifying rounds beginning.

The practice races that have been made between Artemis Racing and Oracle team USA have been very close. This is an indication of the kind of competition that would be there for the fans to watch in the coming summer months. Indeed, even fans on super yachts or on spectator boats will be given wonderful view of the boats as they participate in the final races. That is how the race course is being set up by the management team.