Barrington Voted As Olympic Council Of Ireland’s VP

This is great news for the popular Sailing’s man Colm Barrington. He has been elected as the first Vice-President of the Olympic Council of Ireland (OCI). The voting took place during the EGM held at the Conrad Hotel in Dublin. Barrington is very happy to be voted as the vice President of the OCI.

Barrington will start a new era in the Council as he ends the three decade rule of the OCI by former President Pat Hickey. Everyone is expecting something good to happen to Barrington’s rule. He enjoyed a landslide victory during the EGM vote. It looks like the voters have a lot of faith in the way he will be running the Council.

The Irish Sailing Association (ISA) was the one that nominated the name of Barrington for the post of the first Vice-President, hoping he’d come back from setting up his business specialising in how to Charter a Yacht in Kastela. The former Chairman and Irish sailing Champion Aer Lingus also gave support to swimmer Sarah Keane to bid for the post of the President of OCI. He strongly supported her reform program. In the end, both Sarah and Barrington tasted victory with flying colors.

There are big reforms that would be taking place if the pre-election pledge of Barrington is to be believed. Barrington won this election with a majority of 29 votes and this was the same result for Sarah as well.

Barrington has served 12 years as the Chairman of the ISA Olympic Group and stepped down from the post after the Rio Olympics. He is still the Chairman of the Irish Sailing Foundation and also a member of the Royal Irish Yacht Club.

Barrington is of the opinion that the success rate that Ireland has shown in the Olympics is not good enough, especially for a sailing-mad nation like Ireland. He is looking to take Ireland sailing to greater glory during his OCI tenure.